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Image Wear was established and continues to operate in Adelaide since 1988 as a manufacturer and supplier specialising in corporate attire and uniforms.

Image Wear has established an extensive clientele both locally and nationally. Our service also extends to the often forgotten regional and country areas.

Our in house design team can create your very own exclusive corporate look. The project would be researched to establish what you require. Garments will then be designed to give you the combination of style, comfort, function and only the best fabrics are used.

Couple this together with our complete Customer Management Service and you can have peace of mind that all your needs will be taken care of, right up to individually packed garments delivered for each member of staff.

Image Wear is a manufacturer and supplier of women and mens:

Business wear
Corporate wardrobes
General uniforms
Healthcare uniforms
Hospitality uniforms
Promotional clothing
Protective wear

Ann Thomas - Founder of Image Wear

AnnAnn Thomas founded Image Wear and started the business in 1988.
Originally trained as a Corporate Image consultant that trained here and in the USA as well as training as a Registered Nurse. Ann has had experience in the field of dressing clients in garments to suit their figure shapes, whilst ensuring corporate image,presentation, comfort and functionality are paramount.

Prior to training as a RN at the RAH, Ann also trained as an Enrolled Dental Nurse at the Dental School on Frome Road Adelaide.
As a Dental Nurse and then as a Registered Nurse Ann has clearly had extensive experience in most medical areas and a full empathy of clients working in these areas and their requirements. Ann is able to relate to all medical type agencies with a great understanding and compassion.

As an Image Consultant dressing individuals such as politicians and well know identities and business groups, Ann initially could not provide suitable, stylish, or continuously supplied garments from local suppliers – so she launched her own business with the aim of filling a niche in the market which was clearly missing.

This is how Image Wear was born – as a business that wanted to dress people no matter what shape or size in garments that were made beautifully with quality fabrics in a range of styles to suit all figures and age groups in Australia.
Ann has also taken great pride in employing South Australian staff since 1988, and now merging with Rembrandt Uniform Solutions, the tradition continues.
Always available to speak to, please don’t hesitate to contact Ann, with any queries or even just to have a chat about your corporate wardrobe requirements.

Rembrandt Uniforms

Rembrandt Uniforms merged with Image Wear uniforms on November 1 – 2018.

Rembrandt have had a close business relationship with Image Wear, and they have always admired the way that Image Wear has conducted its business.

Ann Thomas and staff from Image Wear are now working with the team at Rembrandt to continue their traditional brand of uniforms.

The new Rembrandt – Image Wear is now situated only a street away from the old premises at 115 Rundle Street at Kent Town.

Their Customer Sales team is lead by Len and Erin both of whom are looking forward to continuing the Image Wear service for you.

You can contact them wither on the 83637533 or by email sales@imagewearuniforms.com.au



Image Wear endeavours to have a conscience when it comes to the role of social responsibility in our community.
Our most critical responsibility is to employ South Australian citizens and to provide predominately South Australian made garments to all of our clients. This is something that we are extremely proud to have provided to both the state and nationally since 1988.

As a local business we are extremely conscious of those around us that are less fortunate than us and we have tried to assist those that are not able to care for themselves and rely solely upon the kindness and donations of others in society.

hutt street centre
We have donated over 500 warm garments to the Hutt Street Centre for Men and Women in winter, hoping that they would appreciate the feeling of wearing a clean new garment as well as the warmth and caring of those in the society who feel for their circumstance. This was greatly appreciated by the centre and we received a wonderful letter of acknowledgement from them for our generosity.


We have also given many garments to Catherine House:

Catherine House provides supported accommodation services to women experiencing homelessness in South Australia, who are 18 years and older, and unaccompanied by children.

Catherine House Inc was founded in 1988, as a partnership between the Sisters of Mercy, SA Housing Trust and the Adelaide City Council, to address an unmet service need forĀ  women experiencing homelessness.

In 2009 we started to work with Mission World Aid: Established in South Australia in 1992, Mission World Aid Inc. is a charitable, non profit, non-denominational Christian organisation which sends large shipping containers of relief aid and support for needy communities in developing countries. The organisation is the mercy ministry of the Australian House of Prayer for All Nations and is based in Stirling in Adelaide.

choir boys
Since 1992, we have sent over 125 shipping containers of aid to 27 nations including many countries in Africa as well as Israel, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, PNG and the Pacific Islands. Gael Harrison is the Aid Administrator in charge of organising the aid program. MWA is staffed solely by volunteers, it has no paid staff, so most of the donations go into sending containers of aid.

Image Wear donated many sewing machines and fabrics to the organisation with the aim of females in the villages learning a trade and thus being able to provide garments not only fror their familes but for other people and therefore earning an income.
Burundi, one of the world’s poorest nations, is struggling to emerge from a 12-year, ethnic-based civil war.

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